Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Where did you come from
Scary clown, scary clown?
Why are you lurking
In our town, in our town?
Nobody's laughing
When you're around, Mister Clown
You're giving us nightmares
Scary clown

   This is a serious town
   And we're serious people
   We don't need no comedy relief, son
   So take your red nose
   And those size fifteen shoes
   And take the bus back to where you came from

The juggling ain't funny
Scary clown, scary clown
All the children are crying
Up and down, up and down
Can we see some ID, please
Harlequin, Harlequin?
Oh, go back to the circus
Scary clown

   This is a regular town
   Full of regular people
   Birthday magic shows ain't right for no one
   So take your fixed grin
   And your trick boutonniere
   And ride that unicycle back to hell, son

We're onto you now
Scary clown, scary clown
And your little dog too
Mister Frown, Mister Frown
Polkadot mumus
Aren't allowed, in our town
So get out of here now
You scary clown

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