Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oh, there ain't no lady pirates
In the sweltry Car-i-bean
Beneath a Jolly Roger
A woman's face is never seen

But it wasn't always that way
Or so the old-timers tell:
Back in the corsair heyday
'Twas a mercenary belle

   Mag-gie the buccaneer
   Never was a ship that she couldn't steer
   And many a rover her did fear
   Oh, Maggie the buccaneer

A hundred twenty Amazons
Fifteen strapping eunichs
And a dozen smooth-chinned schoolboys
Made the crew that Maggie sailed with

   Mag-gie the buccaneer
   Never was a deck that she couldn't clear
   And many a bandit her did fear
   Oh, Maggie the buccaneer

Had a look made a brave man tremble
And the weak-hearted man die
'Cause she always wore mascara
And Mag had just one eye

   Mag-gie the buccaneer
   Never was a man she wouldn't jeer
   And many a villain her did fear
   That Maggie the buccaneer

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