Monday, January 2, 2017

There's an elephant in my backpack
With my dozen chicken eggs
I don't know how he got in there
But he's givin' me elephant legs

I don't like to use third person
Talkin' about myself
But this camel's back is broken
And there's somethin' he's got to yell:

"Mister Elephant, whatcha doin' back there
Free-ridin' on me?
I didn't see any elephant thumb
When I passed that baobab tree
If there's one thing I appreciate
It's hos-pi-tal-i-ty--
But this little tour is over now
'Cause you're givin' me elephant feet"

There's an ostrich in my backpack
And sixteen hy-ee-nas
Fifty-seven flam-in-gos
And a hip-po-pot-a-mus

They're actin' like a bunch'a kids
Seem to think they're owed a ride
I smell like a rhinoceros now
It's time for me to draw the line:

"Mister Hippo, whatcha think you're doin'
Bein' my stowaway?
I didn't see any hippo thumb
Back on that high-way
You must think I'm kinda dumb
Didn't notice you till today--
But this safari's goin' on strike
Till one of you animals pays."