Tuesday, January 10, 2017

They hid the radio
   Now I can't play it no more
They hid the radio
   'Cause I'm a dinosaur
I like the radio
   And I can't fi-i-nd it
I'm having me a radio
   Deprivation fit

They hid the radio
   Don't know where it's gone
They hid my radio
   Don't have another one
Oh, where's my radio
   Do you see it from there?
Give me my radio
   'Cause I can't take this dead air

Now I'll write myself
   A commercial song
I'll sing it to the cubicles
   All day long
It's not my radio
   But it ain't super long
And it goes a little
   Something like this:

"I just want to party
   And I'm stronger than that
So give me lovey-dovey babe
   And don't you get fat
It's all looking up now
   I've been down for so long:
I'm just another urchin
   With a Top 40 song."

They hid my radio
   I don't see it from here
They hid my radio--
   Can't park my car in my chair
I love my radio
   And this ain't funny no more
I'll see you at the
   Radio and vinyl store.

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